My latest television obsession is Misfits (only now I’m caught up so I have to wait for new episodes like every body else), and it’s got me thinking a lot about the way that I am, and what kind of super power I might have. I’ll explain why those two things go together.

See, the premise of Misfits is that a group of five teenagers (they’re really like early twenties but calling them young adults would be weird) are doing community service (they’re on probation for committing various crimes) when this freak storm happens, they’re all struck by lightning, and they end up with weird powers. At first the powers seem completely random, but really they’re all related in some way to the characters central feelings, actions, or wants.

For instance, one of them used to be a star runner but he was caught with drugs, so he was ban from competitive running for a year. Only time he had ever done anything wrong. He ends up with the power to rewind time (the caveat of course is that it only happens when he is deeply affected by something- and even then it can be hit or miss. Plus the whole changing the past consequences thing)

The shy, kind of weird kid who just wants to be accepted gets the ability to become invisible (at first it was involuntary and happened when he felt excluded or unseen)

There are also more weird powers- things that aren’t as run of the mill. One of the original five, a girl who oozed sex appeal and disinterest, makes people violently desperate to have sex with her whenever she touches them (yeah, it’s a problem).

The storm also affected other people in the area, including a dairy loving coffee shop worker who ends up with the ability to control dairy products with his mind (he calls it lactokenisis). It seems like a totally useless power until he starts killing people with the dairy products they’ve eaten– then it’s fucking scary.

So it makes me wonder, what kind of power would I end up with? I worry about the future a lot- would that perhaps result in psychic foresight? A long standing fear of mine, grown especially prominent lately, is that people don’t actually like me or want me around– superhuman charm, or maybe reading minds? In a discussion that I don’t entirely remember with Lipkin about super powers once he said something about my ability to generation images and ideas, so maybe I’d be able to project things from my head into reality? Obviously I’ll never know (unless we get a power granting freak snow storm here in Reno), but I still wonder. It says a lot about a person.

If Belen had a power, I think it would be some kind of superhuman luck. We joke that Belen “always wins. Even if it’s not a contest.” So maybe her power would make it impossible for her to lose. The catch of course would be that everyone around her could lose, so obviously friends and family would become big targets for mustache twirling villains.

If I come up with some other ones later I’ll add them. What would your power be?