The Blog:

So Many Places to Call Home is about one girl’s search for belonging, for a sense of time and place, for home. It is a quest for honesty with a commitment to vulnerability. Sounds pretty epic, doesn’t it?

What can you expect? Thoughtful commentary, rants, diatribes, photos, anecdotes, and the occasional recipe (for food and for disaster).

“I think being a writer means dredging up and admitting to all of the terrible and embarrassing things no one else will talk about. It’s laying bare mistakes and shame and heartbreak, and letting the whole world look.”

The Girl:

Chelsee Bergen is a student of life. Also, a student of writing― more specifically screenwriting, and short fiction. She’s also a fan of the memoir, and has picked a tentative title for her own. She hopes to one day be paid to make stuff up, and so perhaps should be pursuing a marketing degree.

She is a second year at the University of Nevada, Reno, and a former Hampshire College HAMPster (read: hipster). She believed New England was a magical place where all her problems could be solved. As it turns out, she does not like New England; she hates the snow and likes to be the most pretentious person in the room. She will one day move to Denmark, because it has been scientifically proven to be the happiest place on Earth. Believes New York to be the second happiest– it may also be the most miserable, but she can accept this because life needs balance.

When she’s not being collegiate or watching television, she collects teas (which she drinks while watching TV and being collegiate) and vintage post cards.

Chelsee spends her nights as a vampire. In a past life she was a GAP Denim Expert, and is sometimes still mistaken for one.

She’s not usually not funny except in an ironic, sarcastic or accidental kind of way, but can turn anything into the premise of a sitcom.

She realizes that this ‘About’ is not especially pertinent or informative.