1. Finishing (read: starting) the paintings I begged my mom to let me do for her office
  2. Writing for Everything is Problematic, that little website I’m supposed to run
  3. Writing anything at all.
  4. Putting together my portfolio. 
  5. Making graphics for Donna Says
  6. Writing an email to Natasha to find out how her time in Peru has been.
  7. Making a journal to put recipes in
  8. Reading one of the many books I have started and not finished (The Romantics, The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet, The Sound and the Fury, and possibly more)
  9. Working for my dad so I have money to pay for (1) a $50 donation to the Tomorrow Kickstarter, (2) a car, (3) gas and insurance for the car I hope I’ll actually have one day soon, (4) books that I will read more promptly, (5) books that I will read eventually, (6) a donation of at least $25 to the ATX Television Festival Kickstarter.
  10. Writing television recaps or reviews, which could serve as potential employment and apply to my career field of choice.
  11. Blog things that people will read.
  12. Searching Craigslist for a car.
  13. Looking for potential places of employment in LA.
  14. Going out in public.
  15. Sit ups.
  16. One of the many DIY projects suggested by my mother.