Everything is Problematic

There seem to be two schools of thought when it comes to (giving advice about) choosing a profession— “follow your bliss,” or, “do something practical.” The unspoken “truth” of the first option is that it often means making more sacrifices and doing the starving-artist gig (unless of course your bliss means being something like a plastic surgeon). When people tell you to do something practical, what they really mean is do something that will make you lots of money. These are usually the people who will tell you that you can “do what you love” as a hobby. While there is nothing wrong with hobbies, but there is something vaguely dirty about the way it gets thrown around in these instances. Every few people seem to be espousing the need for a cross-section between “bliss” and practicality. 

Everyone has things they love doing and are passionate about. Everyone also has…

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