Really enjoyed this article on ‘How to be a fan of problematic things’- so much so that I wrote a ‘suggested reading’ post about it for Everything is Problematic. Now you get a sampling of both!

Everything is Problematic

I like things, and some of those things are problematic. I like Lord of the Rings even though it’s pretty fucked up with regard to women and race (any narrative that says “this whole race is evil” is fucked up, okay). I like A Song of Ice and Fire even though its portrayal of people of colour is problematic, and often I find that its in-text condemnation of patriarchy isn’t obvious enough to justify the sexism displayed. I like the movie Scott Pilgrim vs The World even though it is racist in its portrayal of Matthew Patel, panders to stereotypes in its portrayal of Wallace, and trivializes queer female sexuality in its portrayal of Ramona and Roxy’s relationship … How much more cliché and offensive could this movie be? … Excuse me while I vomit…and then keep watching because I still like the rest of the movie.

Liking problematic things…

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