In two weeks I’ll have the opportunity to read some of my writing in a showcase, along with two other undergrads and 5 or 6 graduate students. I am totally thrilled– MY WRITING WILL HAVE AN AUDIENCE. And what’s more authorial than doing a reading? Plus, being in undergrad in a showcase consisting mostly of grad students is really terrific.

Which brings me to the crux of this post– what the hell am I going to read? I have plenty of writing, so options isn’t a problem, but how do I pick? I have 5-7 minutes, which is a pretty sizable chunk of time, meaning I could read pretty much anything excepting a few of my more extensive short stories. But obviously I don’t want to read just anything- I want something polished, or at the very least in good shape. How do you know when something is really in its best shape!?

I think part of this worry is born out of the fact that I submitted a short story (which had already gone through six drafts) for work-shopping, and while everyone really liked it, their revision suggestions were pretty extensive. There’s nothing that requires me to make these revisions (or any at all), but I will because after seeing their commentary I agree (or mostly agree). So how can I know what’s in the best shape for reading? I guess the one consolation is that in my reading something no one is physically looking at the piece and can’t reread it, meaning that even if there is revising that needs to be done it’s much harder to tell.

Are some things better for reading than others? I mean outside of the general quality of the writing. I guess I already know that the answer to that is yes. Perhaps I need to pick out some potentials and just read them out loud. Maybe I can rope Belen or Lexi into listening, or maybe I’ll call someone- like Alex or Natasha.

At any rate, I’m excited and I’ll keep you updated on how it goes.