As some of you may have seen, I posted an excerpt from/link to a Hellogiggles article concerned Chris Brown performing at the Grammys (which you should definitely go and read if you haven’t already – here!). Thanks to that little post I got a record 220 pages views on the 13th! Wow. Obviously for the most part these weren’t people drawn in by my content [ 😦 ], but still, that’s a lot of page views! My viewership statistics will definitely be off kilter for a while… Anyway, hopefully at least a few of those people looked at other parts of the blog- maybe saw something they like and will visit again… A girl can dream!

I’ve been quite busy with classes and actually participating in life (it’s quite a concept), so I haven’t had much time for posting lately. I do have plenty of things I’d like to say, so hopefully I will create some time in the future to sit down and do that (not this weekend though, because my family is coming to visit!). I did just got on a rant earlier about one of my pet peeves (people who always need to be in a relationship- or at least act that way), so perhaps I’ll create some content around that.

Semi-related to my life and classes: I’m in two film courses this semester- Film Narratives and Philosophy Goes to the Movies. Belen (who is in both classes with me) and I have been having our own little Movie Mondays, as well as recreational film watching outside of class, and from that A BLOG WAS BORN! I give you 2 Girls and a Movie (or as I’ve affectionately nicknamed it 2G&M). We just set the site up, so it’s pretty empty right now, but it does have our ‘Required Viewing List,’ which are the films we’ll be watching for class, plus a few recreational additions. The basic plans is for us to review/critique/offer commentary on the various movies, plus some insight from our classes and our personal post-class discussions. I’ll let you know when we’ve got more content up, but hopefully you’ll check it out and maybe give it a follow. We’re funny, I promise.

Keep the Faith,