I’m in a conference room. On the wall behind me is a large cork-board– it’s massive. On the right wall there are glossy windows (horizontal and rectangular)– they let in light, but you can’t really see out of them (because I love light but am easily distracted by the outside world). To my left there is a large easel notepad. On the left wall is a long white board.

I am sitting at the head of the long wooden conference table. Despite the fact that I would like it to be an oval, it is a rectangle because that gives more space for chairs and papers and such. This is one of the few times I am sitting– usually I am pacing, or leaning against the wall, or scribbling something on the notepad or white board. Usually I have my folder open in front of me, so that I can pull out photos or files or pieces of text as necessary, but today it is closed and sitting on my right (I itch to open it, just out of routine). My laptop sits underneath it, but I rarely use it.

People are fairly evenly distributed around the conference table. It’s not crowded, but they fill the room well. Many of them have their laptops open, or folders like my own spread out in front of them. I look around the room. Some of them I have known, and worked with, for a very long time. Some of them are more recent additions. All of them excite me. They know, they understand– we’re on the same page.

“Okay,” I say. Everyone looks to me, we’re starting. “What have you got for me?”


And then we go to work.