When it comes to other people, I sometimes think that it’s the things that matter least that matter most to me. That was a bit of a tongue twister, so I’ll break it down.

I’m not sure what constitute the big things- in some cases maybe political views or ideals or… I don’t know. Whatever the big things are, I’m sure they matter to me, but we’re going to ignore those things for the sake of discussion.
The things that really matter to me about people are the silly little things. Sometimes it’s about things that I like, like Thai food, or swings set, but it’s also about the little details from their own lives– do they have little rituals or weird/special ways of doings things? Secret obsessions? What makes them excited? Maybe these aren’t little things. I feel like my original intent got lost in translation somehow, or maybe the things that seemed little are actually big things- or regular sized things.

At any rate– details. I like details about people. I guess everybody does, more or less, but I think I collect them in a way other people don’t. Maybe I save them up for future use.