I submitted my USC application. I feel… so much better now that I’ve finally done it. I had kind of a freak out this morning, first getting all weird about doing final edits on my writing sample, then not feeling ready when I finished those edits, then finally uploading the essay and freaking out about whether I should list a second choice major on my application. Even though my application is crafted around Critical Studies in Cinematic Arts, I decided to list Creative Writing as my second choice major– I decided that it can’t hurt, and that I was not going to let my self come up with ways that it could be bad.

I also called my advisor from Hampshire, Will Ryan, to see if he got my email about writing me a letter of recommendation. He agreed to do it, and we had a really nice chat– I miss having meetings with him and talking about my classes and life and all the crazy stuff I worry about. He said to keep him updated on what I’ve got going on, which I plan to do. Aside from a little nostalgic sadness about how I won’t ever TA a class for Will or do things like that, I’ve felt incredibly happy since getting off the phone with him.

My journalism professor from last semester is also writing me a rec letter, so I just need to find one more person to do it. I’m not the only person who feels like three letters is a little much, right? At any rate, I might ask Lipkin- my former English teacher- to write one in place of a professor, because I’m not in contact with any of my Hampshire professors, nor was I close with any of them like I was with Will, and I don’t really trust any of my other UNR professors.

I can feel things coming together, and it’s really nice.


Two more days left at home, then Spring semester starts on Monday. I’m ready.