I’ve been thinking for a while now that this blog needs a central focus. I started it over the summer as a means by which to chart my journey through WhatTheFuckAmIDoing and as a place to muse on my desperate need for, and lost sense of, home.

The summer ended and I decided to continue the blog, as an exercise in vanity, as a journal, as a sounding board for… anything. Growing up seemed to be the informal nucleus of this whole thing, but my range of topics has varied far and wide– as I’m sure you have noticed. This seemed fine at first, but the more I feel compelled to write as a way to share my experience (and hopefully impact other people) the less a roving focus seemed appropriate.

In the last few weeks I have felt as if I have inexplicably grown up very quickly, after several years of hardly growing up at all. Of course there is still a lot of growing up left to do, but with the sudden mental and emotional growth spurt a blog about an intangible home and the tragedy of growing up seemed ill-fitting. You may have notice a change of scenery, if you visit the blogs home page.( You may also notice now that things have changed back.)

The more I thought about what kinds of things I want to write about– could sustainably see myself writing about for the foreseeable future– the more I realized that growing up (or my experience of it, at least) is the only thing I really feel qualified to write about. Beyond that, most of the things I think about, worry about, and feel joy over, can ultimately be connected back to growing up.

So, I finally know what this blog is about.

I can’t say how, or if, it will change anything, but it seemed like the kind of thing I should make note of.