Screenwriting in London


Program Overview

What is it like to be a writer with time to construct a full-length screenplay, sitcom, or television series? Writers, like you, know after 14 weeks in a classroom with Roy Kendall, an award-winning writer based in London with credits from the BBC and HBO.Your classes meet 3 times a week at the University of London’s Senate House. The first half of the semester examines the principles of creating unique scripts for film and television. Toward the end of the semester, you participate in readings, workshops and appraise the work you and your classmates create. What will you complete at the end of the semester? The first draft of a full-length screenplay for film or television or a pilot episode of a new sitcom.

At the end of the semester, just as for the playwrights in the fall semester, there is a rehearsed reading of a section of your screenplay.  You cast the actors from the RADA program having had the chance to watch them at work in one of their Shakespeare play projects.  It’s exciting to see the actors fresh from their Shakespeare training presenting brand new contemporary work by new screenwriters. The audience is made up of all the students on the London Program together with some faculty members and guests.  This is a crucial part of the London program when everyone comes together at the end of the semester to celebrate the work that has been achieved.

via Screenwriting: Tisch School of the Arts at NYU.

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