There are a number of things I’ve been planning to write about (like my first trip to the Great Basin Community Food Co-op, and my new organizational aspirations, and my first critique from the Creative Writing Club, and how spam comments make me sad), but right now I’m really jazzed so I’m just going to write about that.

I just came back from an audition for the Directing Lab. It was my first post-Rainbow Company audition (Rainbow is the community theatre company that was my second home for 6 years before graduating). I just kind of did it on a whim (also, in the acting class I’m taking we can get extra credit or an absence removed for doing auditions- which was more like a bonus than a motivator).

It was short. I performed a monologue, and then they asked us (we were in groups of three) some questions. The only thing I got asked was if I’d be willing to wear a pillow or something under my shirt to be pregnant- I said I would. The guy in our group got a couple different questions, but he knew most of them and also performed a cold reading that he “memorized” (as it turns out, he made a lot of it up- but it came across really brilliantly and I never would have known had someone not asked).

The dilemma that I faced before hand was that they provided slides for cold readings, I pick one, and then I hear every girl before me performing the same one. There were like five for each gender, so it’s not as if we only had one or two choices. But I remembered what Karen said many a time about not changing what you had planned just because someone else does it/does something like it. Then one of the other girls out in the hallway says “Do we have to read these, or can we perform a different monologue if we have one memorized?” Which immediately brought to my mind the monologue from Happythankyoumoreplease that I’ve been working on, and which I am absolutely in love with. No one had an answer for her, so I just kept working on the slide I picked. Then we go in to audition, and she says she’s gonna perform a different monologue and asks if it’s okay. They say yes, so I think to myself “Okay. So do the other monologue.” I even go so far as to put the slide down on the ground next to my stuff, and I start doing some mental prep work. Then I’m like “No. They gave us stuff for cold readings. If they wanted us to perform other monologues they would have told us to prepare something. I should read the slide.” But then it was my turn to go, and I just knew that I should go with what I really wanted to do (the Happythankyoumoreplease) because that was going to be the better performance, and because I’m constantly talking with Rebecca about how I don’t listen to my intuition and a whole list of other things. So I’m standing up there- rather than holding the piece of paper in my hand I put it on the ground (no idea why)- so I probably looked like a crazy person, especially if any of them saw me put down and pick up the paper the first time. But I’m really happy of the performance I gave, so that’s what matters.

I’ll ask my acting professor about the cold reading thing on Wednesday, but since I don’t have any real attachment to a role or the show or being involved it’s okay with me if I messed up audition etiquette.

It was really, really fun, and I want to do it more.