A very delayed Daily Outfit- Halloween Edition (and other misadventures).

L to R: Me as Olive Pendergast from Easy A; Natalie as a Hipster (even though we all said she looked like a thug); Belen as Cordelia Chase  a cat.

Hair: Curled. Sunglasses: Blues Brothers Wayfarers.

Make-up: Liquid eyeliner and Maybeline Mascara. Necklace: Gold Heart- christening gift.

Letter: Target Bulletin Board Letters (and ton of double stick tape). Corset: Charlotte Russe (I got an XL and should have gotten a L :/ Also, pleather in a tiny apartment full of people can be very, very hot. Still worth it). Jeans: Target Massimo Premium Denim Black Skinny Jeans. Heels: Charlotte Russe Suede 6-inch heels.

I insisted on taking the cliche girls in the bathroom picture. We were hiding out in the bathroom because it was WAY cooler than the rest of the apartment. Also Natalie was having some kind of crisis.

Aber and I ‘taking a picture.’ Standing next to me would have been too mainstream.

Quinn and Me. I’m not sure why he thought that face was a good idea.

Kaine (after removing his zombie make-up). “I just met you, but do you want to take a picture with me?”

Also note the unbuttoned corset- courtesy of Belen and Natalie. And this is after I buttoned it up more.

I just think this picture is funny. I was heckling them for losing at Pong. Note Aber’s ‘Obscure Band Tee’- my idea :]