I wish that I could be at home right now. I’m in the same state, but might as well be a country away.

Why do I want to be at home, you ask?

1) I have had a really stressful and emotional week. Being at home- curling up in my bedroom, watching Netflix on my couch- would be such a relief.

2) We just lost two of our dogs. My family is a wreck (even my Dad)- I wish I could be there to support them.

3) I didn’t get to say bye to the dogs…

4) I could have lunch with Lipkin and tell him about how I’m freaking out about school and the future and what to do, and he would remind me that I’ve been doing that since sophomore year (before that, even), and I’m ridiculous and everything will be fine. And then he’d give me advice.

5) I wouldn’t have to pay for laundry.

6) I could have a real hug from my mom.

7) There wouldn’t be anyone around for me to feel paranoid about whether or not they want me around.

8 ) I could work, which means I wouldn’t have to feel guilty about my bank account.

And there is my list of true or sad or semi-serious reasons I would like to be at home right now.