I was trying to take a picture of today’s outfit, but for some reason it just wasn’t quite working. It’s alright though, because I’m sure I’ll wear an outfit just like this again before fall is over. My hair today is cute in the mirror, but was not jiving with photobooth.


There’s this great blog (which now I don’t remember the address of) with a guy and a girl who do kind of like fashion challenges– each day they have a theme (color blocking, polk-a-dots, sweaters, something like that) and they each find a way to represent that theme with what they have in their wardrobe. I think it’s kind of a clever concept, and it’s always fun to do things with a partner. Maybe I can finagle someone into doing it with me.


And here’s the interactive part of today’s very rushed post: I need a Halloween costume- what should I be?

DIY stuff is cool (and mostly preferred) but I don’t have access to a sewing machine right now so it has to be pretty easy to assemble. Suggestions?

Pictures welcome!