Even though there’s work I could be doing…

I avoided pink for much of my early life- it was part of my rebelling against gender expectations (a feminist even then), but I’ve grown to appreciate its place in a wardrobe. That being said, with the exception of one awesome pink scarf and my previously seen partly pink sweater, I am presently wearing everything pink I own.

Headband: Old Navy; Make-up: Revlon Custom-Eyes Eyeshadow (from Target), Sally Girl Lip Color (Shade: Pu’ Leez), Diamond Lip Treatment Lipgloss, Maybelline Volum’ Express Mascara.

Hair: Bohemian Updo

Not perfect, but I’m pretty happy for the first try. It’s a messy look anyway. The directions can be found here: Youtube Vintage Bohemian Updo

*I french-braided my hair after I got out of the shower and slept like that last night, rather than curling my hair.

Shirt: Gap Oversized Rose Top; Jeans: Gap True Straights.

It is very difficult to take these full-length shots– especially when you’re roommate could walk in at any moment and you don’t want to look like a crazy person.

I have no idea where this belt is from because I’ve had it for a while (it may have been a gift). But it says ‘1969’ on the inside, so I’m going to guess it’s also from Gap.

The pink pearl is a nice accent, right?

I haven’t decided what shoes to wear, so no shoe picture today.

Headband tip- if they give you headache (like mine usually do), stretch them out. Mine is kind of a square now, which means it doesn’t really hold hair back, but since it’s just decorative that’s fine with me- and I don’t have to worry about a migraine as a result of my headwear.