Hair: French and Fish-tail Braided into a bun; Earrings: Forever 21; Necklace: Saudi Arabian Snuff Bottle.

Cardigan: Old Navy; Tank Tops (Oatmeal and White): Forever 21.

Jeans: Gap (True Straights); Sandals: American Eagle.

*Addition: The most expensive part of this outfit was the jeans, which came in a $30 thanks to my employee discount. With the exception of the necklace, which was free (a gift), the earrings were cheapest and came in at $1.50. Tank tops were something like $6.50 each, and I snagged the sandals on sale for $15. I have no idea how much the cardigan was, but I’m sure I got it on sale– truth be told, when I bought it I thought it was kind of ugly but ugly sweaters are in so I thought, “What the hell, why not?” Now it’s one of my favorite things.
Side note: Youtube is an excellent way to learn how to do stuff with your hair.