1. Seeing Ingrid Michaelson in concert.
  2. See the Fray with Natasha.
  3. See the Fray a second time and still knowing all the words to every song.
  4. Walking around Boston and taking pictures of everything.
  5. Getting lost with my Dad and talking about how confusing Boston is– even after we’ve been there twice.
  6. Being in New York this summer and: Going to the MET, MOMA; eating at PB Co.; becoming a subway master; getting mistaken for an NYU student and pretending to know when graduation was; seeing part of the Berlin wall; Going to Grand Central station and identifying the bridge under which several White Collar scenes have been shot; NY Public Library!
  7. Getting sunburnt in Arizona after weeks and weeks in the snow.
  8. Kisses.
  9. Getting my first paycheck.
  10. Spending my first paycheck.
  11. Listing to this perfect playlist from Tony Lucca’s “Devil Town”
  12. Hearing my little sister talk about all the things she’s doing in school and the responsibilities she’s getting and loving.
  13. Talking with my sister about her future and the colleges she wants to go to.
  14. Seeing every episode of Buffy the Vampire  Slayer — most of them several times. Then watching the show with my mom and getting her addicted.
  15. Laundry and TV nights with Karyn and Maddy.
  16. Getting cross-faded with Angel Harper and laughing at every little thing.
  17. Making up drinking games for TV shows, with Belen.
  18. Getting my tattoo.
  19. Seeing that tattoo every day and still loving it.
  20. Feeling infinite for any and all of these reasons as well as many that I didn’t list.
I need to make most lists like this.