How does a person deal with that many choices? Is there a right choice? How can your bones not strain under the weight of all the lives you’re not living, and the literary references you’re not making? I’ve long been a maximizer– which is just a fancy word for an indecisive perfectionist, always searching for the right thing. But being ‘right’ doesn’t always mean being happy, as it turns out. What’s the answer then? Throw caution to the wind after 19 years of careful inspection? Is that even possible?

I have more questions than I have answers, but we’ve all got do the best we can with what we have. Maybe sometimes the results will be better than you ever could have planned for. I like to hope so any way.

This is my journey to becoming a decisive optimist. Think of it as a social experiment.

“Sometimes the road ahead is paved with nothing but good intentions.”