I’m gonna learn to play the harmonica, cause why not? That’s a cool thing to know. Random talents are cool. Quirky. Maybe I’ll try the washboard- J probably knows how to play those things, right?

I’m kind of interested in the mandolin but a) buying one would be expensive and b) I’m not exactly a musical genius and I don’t really have the patience for things I don’t have some kind of natural affinity for. Man, that’s a terrible thing to actually say and not just think. It’s pretty true though. I guess that’s a habit I should break. By ‘I guess’ I mean, “I know, I just haven’t found the will for it yet.” I have a hard time getting excited/maintaining excitement about things that don’t come naturally. Wow- this just sounds worse the more I type.

Maybe I should get in touch with Kearsten and ask if she could give me some lessons. She plays like every stringed instrument because she’s some kind of musical savant- she just picks something up and can play it. That’s probably an exaggeration, but that’s always what it has seemed like. That could be a good way to investigate a little without making any commitments to said mandolin. And I’ve always kind of liked music, and by liked I mean wanted to play. I won’t let my mom sell my keyboard even though I can hardly play anything and I pretty much never touch it– I supposed I’m hoping one day it will just… happen. That’s pretty silly though, when I think about it.

All this talk of music makes me want to listen to Kids Choice, so I’m gonna do that.