I just finished the Buffy season 8 comics and it reminded me why I love the series’ story telling, and not just the character that is Buffy (or her Scooby gang). I had some serious trepidation’s as I got farther into the comic and I was starting to think that maybe I was going to hate season 8 and that reading it was going to taint Buffy in some way (even though I’ve tried to think of the comics as something that doesn’t affect the previous Buffy-verse) and then I would be very, very sad. But then… It came back around. It came back to “Life is hard. Sometimes you make the wrong choice. Sometimes there is no right choice. But life goes on. You go on” and that is what has always truly been great about Buffy. Strip away the supernatural and what it came back to was life and how hard it can be, but also how beautiful and right and worth it.

And SPIKE IS STILL FUCKING AWESOME- even if he doesn’t get the girl (which is ultimately better,cause everything goes to shit when they really get the girl). And Angel is somewhere else- where he should be. And the slayer is back to doing what she does best- dusting vamps.

Joss wrote this closing letter that was… beautiful. I might try and upload it. He talked about wanting to go really big and epic with season 8 because there was no budget, and finding out through that that you can do some really cool things, but that’s not what Buffy is about.

Buffy Summers. She saved the world. A lot.

Season 9 ready.

*now if only this pesky remake shit would go away…