Alright, a proper update

  1. I’m thinking of deleting my facebook
    – But then I’d probably never talk to Karyn again, which would be very sad.
  2. I have started applying to the Santa Fe University of Art and Design
  3. I am putting together a writing portfolio for said application- it’s proving to be a bit of a challenge in terms of deciding what to include
  4. As you may have assumed from said application process, it does not look like I will be going back to Hampshire in the fall, but a part of me is still holding onto the idea.
  5. I finally went into Gap to fill out paperwork and stuff. As long as I finish my training by Sunday I should be on the work schedule for next week.
  6. I get a 50% discount, just incase you were wondering. Pretty excited about that.
  7. I will be starting my Tattoo #2 fund, once I have some funds to put in it.
  8. My sister got a new Long Board. She crashed on the second day and is now a human scab/bruise.
    – Of course she still insists on walking, working out, GOING TO THE MALL, even though when she’s not on pain meds she’s wailing in pain.
  9. I made some delicious chocolate chip cookies, now I just have to keep from eating the whole box of them.

That’s it for now. There’s probably other stuff going on and things I could say, but this seems update-y enough for the time being.