I just finished my first Invisible Children Roadie interview (via phone). My stomach is still doing back flips.

There is something about phone interviews that makes me even more nervous than in person interviews. I think it has to do with not being able to see the face of the person I’m talking to, which both means I can’t gauge their reaction, and that I don’t have anything to visually focus on so I want to fidget with things and make the bed or whatever else is immediately around me- which is not a good idea, because that is distracting.

I don’t think it went terribly, but I also don’t have that stellar ‘I rocked this shit’ feeling. I’ll hear from them in a week if they want to do a second interview.

Side note- I need more experience so I can stop talking about shit from high school.

Waiting on a call from Gap today as well. They said they’d call us on Friday to let us know if they wanted to do an individual interview. I also received an insider tip last night that they want to hire me, which is both exciting and frightening.

I’m pretty much a ball of nerves, inside a basket case, right now.

I hope you got, and appreciated, my combination of crazy nervous metaphors just now. It was a la Alex Naumann, only she’d probably say something like “I’m a basket of nerves”– in all seriousness, and completely oblivious to the fact that what she said is not an expression.


“You just got roll with the rolls… roll with the ball…”

“Roll with the punches?”