My mom really likes the show ‘The Talk.’ It’s a good show. We watch it together as like a bonding thing. I think of it as a bonding thing, anyway. It’s better than watching Oprah because no one ends up crying and we usually laugh a lot. I like laughing with my mom.

I went onto the website to find out about getting tickets, cause I think it would be really fun to take her. We don’t have any immediate plans of going to LA, so I didn’t know what date to request. I might go back later and just pick something sort of at random and see what happens.

They’re having an episode in the future called ‘Meet my Mom’ so I filled out an application. Unfortunately the space for a story is only 255 characters- for some reason when I first looked at it I thought it said words. Since I didn’t get to enter my whole thing I thought I would post it here.

I’ve always been close with my mom, Angie, but it took going across the country for college and spending nine months away from her to really realize how much time, love, and energy she devotes to me and our family. She has spent most of the last eighteen years as a stay at home mother in order to take care of myself and my younger sister, Kaity, who is now sixteen. With me graduating high school and going off to college, and my younger sister getting her drivers licenses and spending less and less time at home, my mom was increasingly faced with a kind of crisis- she was losing her job as ‘Mom.’ I watched her struggle with her changing role, and have been inspired by how she handled herself, and how much she has grown. In the last nine months my mom has started her own business, joined a gym where she has made friends and gotten into great shape, started to treat herself to little rewards she deserves like spa days or special lunches out with friends– all while helping me through depression while away at school, and taking care of my dad and sister here at home. I am amazed by my mother every day, and I want to thank her in a big way by showing other people how amazing she is too.