Got my first eval. (If you are unaware- Hampshire College doesn’t give grades, it gives narrative evaluations)


Chelsee performed admirably in this course and was a welcome addition to our discussion. She attended class regularly, completed all of her assignments on time, and came prepared to each class. Chelsee is an insightful reader of literature, as demonstrated by her close reading assignments and in-class presentations, which often ranked among the best work of the class. She is also particularly attentive to the psychological underpinnings of child development, a skill for which we were all grateful, as her comments often set the tone for the discussion that followed. Her written work for the course was generally strong: already a confident writer, Chelsee’s prose style is lucid and her arguments are well-constructed. Her essays would have benefitted from a deeper engagement with the implications of the questions she raised therein. She clearly reads texts quite closely; the goal should be to demonstrate this fact in her essayistic work. These papers clearly promise a successful academic career at Hampshire — and I wish Chelsee the best of luck as she continues her studies.


That was nice to read because a lot of times in discussions I felt like I had good ideas, but someone I got them all jumbled when explaining them. I would definitely say I was off my game in terms of writing for this course- my essays were missing something, which apparently was “a deeper engagement with the implications of the questions” I raised. I think some of it had to do with the fact that I’m not really used to blending personal and analytical writing, which is what I felt like a lot of this course was. Also, because I knew I could write the essays without a problem I often put them off in favor of other work (or, in some cases, not doing work at all…) which meant they were kind of rushes– probably a source of the problem.

See- this is why evals are way better than grades. This actually says what I did in the course. What does an ‘A’ mean? It’s like a gold star, but everyone gives out gold stars for different reasons.