My Invisible Children Roadie application is submitted.

The video didn’t turn out quite as I planned… I guess I had inaccurate expectations about how easy it would be to put the video together… But I’m moving on, because ultimately I said all the things I wanted to say, and that’s what matters. If I was doing it all over again though, I would use final cut pro (I used imovie because my final cut app is on the external hard drive and using that thing is a hassle), and I would set the video up like a ‘Previously On’.

In answer to ‘What Excites You?’ I said TV, and proceeded to talk for 2:55 (I talked about Buffy for 1:45). The video can only be 3 minutes long. Needless to say, I did a lot of trimming. I forget how longwinded I can be until I have a time limit.

Unrelated- I laid out in the sun today, got a little burnt. It really tired me out, so I may take my Dawson’s Creek DVD up to my room and get to bed early. Also- the jury is still out on whether I like Dawson’s Creek. I think Joey, Pacey, and Dawson are interesting, but so far I dislike every other character on the show (except Joey’s sister’s boyfriend, Gradey, I think his name is).

I have a meet tomorrow with one of my mom’s friends who might hire me to work at the front desk of her business. I’m on the road to being a personal assistant! — That doesn’t actually excite me (well, not that I am opposed to personal assistant-dom), I just make jokes all the time about how one day I’m going to make someone a great personal assistant because I love making copies, I can remember coffee orders, I love professional dress, and I am an excellent scheduler.

Time for TV and sleep.