I started reading Alone Together by Sherry Turkle, which is Hampshire’s common reading for the fall. It’s about “why we expect more from technology and less from each other.” I read the first 20 pages today and found it to be really compelling. (Initially I was less than thrilled that it was the common reading)

It made me question why I started this blog. I’m still thinking on that, but I suppose it’s a mix of things- some vanity, and a desire to feel like people are hearing/reading/seeing what I’m feeling/saying, but also my propensity to document things. I like artifacts, but keeping things digital means no physical space is taken up by all the things I collect (which is good and bad, and a topic for another time).

I signed out of my facebook and twitter as a means of deterring myself from using them for a while. Obviously I could just sign back in if I wanted to, but it makes it more of a conscious choice than something I do out of habit. I don’t know if I’ve ever signed out of twitter before. I don’t think I want to delete either of them at this point, because there are actual uses to those things, but mostly I use them to waste time and keep myself occupied- which is clearly not productive, and possibly even destructive. I’m still connected to tumblr and this blog, but… baby steps. Plus, I spend way less time on those particular modalities (which the sparseness of this blog can attest to).

Side note- started watching Parks and Recreation today. Really funny show, but a little depressing/ironic for marathon viewing. It’s probably just as well that my dad whisked the tv away. Also started watching Eli Stone, but I was getting a little bored with how totally Eli centric the story lines are. I’m pretty sure that gets better with time, but I think I’ll spread out those viewings a bit.
Also started a TV notes page in my notebook.