I am between spaces. Home for the summer, with no real idea of what I’m doing here, and no idea of where I am going or what I am doing when I leave. If I leave. For the most part half of my friends are across the country living their separate lives in their separate places, the other half  are home with me, finding that maybe home isn’t home anymore.

I went to school to be far away from everything I had known, to force myself to grow and adapt. I found that I didn’t love the change in the immediate and definite way I thought I would, and it gave me some serious doubts about my decision. Now I’m back to ‘what I know’ and finding that I learned to know new things- things that I am far away from again. And how do we know what we know?

I am between spaces, and while I’m here I thought I might as well take note of the scenery.