The Interloper recently published an eloquent and justifiably outraged article by Daniella Lollie on USC’s violent, degrading and dangerous hook-up culture as evidenced by the Facebook page “USC Hook-Ups.” Yet Lollie prefaces her words by saying that she is not criticizing hook-up culture as such, which she considers “morally neutral.” This idea—that there is an aberrant, violent hook-up culture that we can neatly isolate and filter out from hook-up culture in general—is echoed by the Interloper’s editors in a recommendation note at the bottom of the page. Rather than calling on readers to critically examine the hook-up script that has come to dominate much (though by no means all) of American college and university life, the paper actually urges us to participate more enthusiastically in it. We should now flood Facebook with stories of “happy, healthy and CONSENSUAL sexual encounters” in (somehow) “solidarity” with those who have experienced gender-based violence. Clamorous cheerleading for positive hook-ups (“encounters”), we are told, will be “subversive” of negative hook-ups that cross the line between fun and aggression.

But is it really possible, we must ask, to have a hook-up culture that does not produce the detritus of “USC Hook-Ups”? While sexual exploration is a natural and healthy part of human development, can we honestly expect or demand a hook-up culture that will be anything other than coercive, degrading and violent for large numbers of people of both genders but especially for women?

via Unhooked: Reflections on “USC Hook-Ups” and the Counter-Culture of Commitment | The Interloper @ USC.


I have mixed feelings about this article, so I thought I would share it and see what other people have to say.


Show I’ve Marathoned This Summer:

  1. Suits (Season 1)
  2. Bent
  3. Doctor Who
  4. Secret Diary of a Call Girl
  5. Awkward (Season 1/Beginning of season 2)
  6. Teen Wolf (Season 1/Beginning of season 2)
  7. Fringe (Season 3) – Rewatch
  8. Pushing Daisies (Season 2) – Rewatch

Show I’m Currently Watching (Airing Now):

  1. Suits
  2. White Collar
  3. Bunheads
  4. Saving Hope
  5. Teen Wolf
  6. Awkward
  7. True Blood

Show I Plan to Watch:

  • Sherlock



  1. Finishing (read: starting) the paintings I begged my mom to let me do for her office
  2. Writing for Everything is Problematic, that little website I’m supposed to run
  3. Writing anything at all.
  4. Putting together my portfolio. 
  5. Making graphics for Donna Says
  6. Writing an email to Natasha to find out how her time in Peru has been.
  7. Making a journal to put recipes in
  8. Reading one of the many books I have started and not finished (The Romantics, The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet, The Sound and the Fury, and possibly more)
  9. Working for my dad so I have money to pay for (1) a $50 donation to the Tomorrow Kickstarter, (2) a car, (3) gas and insurance for the car I hope I’ll actually have one day soon, (4) books that I will read more promptly, (5) books that I will read eventually, (6) a donation of at least $25 to the ATX Television Festival Kickstarter.
  10. Writing television recaps or reviews, which could serve as potential employment and apply to my career field of choice.
  11. Blog things that people will read.
  12. Searching Craigslist for a car.
  13. Looking for potential places of employment in LA.
  14. Going out in public.
  15. Sit ups.
  16. One of the many DIY projects suggested by my mother.

I used to think that if I could be paid to have ideas for things, it would be the greatest thing ever (and the perfect job).

I still think it would be pretty great, but maybe not all it was cracked up to be.

I never have a shortage of ideas. Ideas for blogs, for stories, for things to cook, for things people should invent (I swear I invited the Kindle at age 9), for all kinds of things. I have more ideas than I could ever possibly follow through with. Because of these many ideas, I start a lot of projects. I love projects.

The problem is, I have a hard time focusing my ideas from the massive web of things they could be into something manageable. Conversely, I get ideas, become really excited about them, and become obsessive. Everything becomes about that one thing– this is great and fulfilling and productive for a while, but if there’s not something adding fuel the steam fizzles before too long.

Today I’m feeling overwhelmed with projects and ideas.

I’m at something of a loss lately with the direction to take Everything is Problematic in. Because the contributors are so spread out we can’t have meetings like the team of a regular startup might, and it’s hard to create a central vision from the disbursal. I hadn’t factored those kinds of things in in advice, but it turns out they’re a really big deal. Communicating over the internet (both with contributors and with the blogs audience) often makes me feel like I’m really just talking to myself, which can be disheartening.

I think part of the problem is that my projects are usually not things that have a clear end, so I can spend forever working on them, which seems nice at times but eventually there has to be an end or at least some kind of final goal, otherwise you’re just spinning your wheels.

I’ve been doing very little writing lately. In terms of EiP I have many a file of first paragraphs and awesome titles, but little in the way of finished product. The stuff I have finished I’ve been less than pleased with (I don’t, generally, think it’s bad, it’s just not what I’d like it to be). I’m definitely a little desperate for possible reinforcement, which is never a great place to  be. As for creative writing… nada. I have an idea (go figure) that I’m pretty excited about, but I’ve just been plotting/playing with it in my head. To be honest, I’m nervous about starting it (or anything) because I’ve been feeling so listless about my work.

My mom has been encouraging me to do more graphic/web design stuff for a while (I’m basically the webmaster for her company website and I do all the promotional stuff- flyers, etc), and I’ve started considering it as a way to make extra money. I want to put together a portfolio of what I’ve done/my services, but at the moment I’m feeling freaked out about the whole thing. I’m worried about biting off more than I can chew. Or worse, finding there’s nothing to bite into at all (aka no one wants what I have to offer).

I pulled my journal from the rumble of my stuff (aka my rummaged through but not unpacked boxes) the other day to journal a little. I said I would do it every day, but haven’t written any sense then. I should probably do that so I at least have a manageable place to start.

Anxiety, man. That shit can be crippling.

I was wearing pajama-esque clothing all day, and putting on some jeans and putting my hair down actually did wonders. Maybe I’ll cook something (that is one project I always finish), or maybe I’ll at least find some recipes for stuff to cook tomorrow and get a fresh start on that in the morning.

may be starting a fun little project on tumblr inspired by Donna from Suits. But maybe not…

Hope you’re having a wonderful summer. The windy weather here has kept me out of the pool the last few days, but tomorrow I’m determined to spend some time sunbathing.

P.S. Check out Suri’s Burn Book– it’s hilarious.

Everything is Problematic

The internet is pretty amazing. You can find out just about anything, about anything, at any time. What might be even greater than your ability to find thing is your ability to say things— revolutions have practically started over the internet, and it’s one of the first things foreign governments like to limit access to in times of unrest.

For most people, however, the internet is not for starting revolutions—  it’s for posting pictures of our cat in a holiday sweater and letting everyone know what we’re eating for lunch, where we’re eating, and who we’re eating with. Which is as awesome as the completely insignificant can get.

The great and terrible thing about the internet is that you can say whatever you want. If you just had a really awesome Pork Salad at Cafe Rio you can tell the world. If you’re totally unnerved because your grandmother just told…

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So excited to try this!

{love+cupcakes} Blog

Happy Friday Friends! What are you doing this weekend? Something fun I hope. We’re heading out to Palm Springs for a relaxing weekend under the desert sun. Before I go, I wanted to leave you with a yummy recipe for watermelon limeade. It’s easy to make and so refreshing, perfect for this first weekend of Summer! Have a wonderful break! xoxo!

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Everything is Problematic

There seem to be two schools of thought when it comes to (giving advice about) choosing a profession— “follow your bliss,” or, “do something practical.” The unspoken “truth” of the first option is that it often means making more sacrifices and doing the starving-artist gig (unless of course your bliss means being something like a plastic surgeon). When people tell you to do something practical, what they really mean is do something that will make you lots of money. These are usually the people who will tell you that you can “do what you love” as a hobby. While there is nothing wrong with hobbies, but there is something vaguely dirty about the way it gets thrown around in these instances. Every few people seem to be espousing the need for a cross-section between “bliss” and practicality. 

Everyone has things they love doing and are passionate about. Everyone also has…

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must try this!

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Over the weekend, I was in a food mood and I just couldn’t shake the desire to make ice cream (among other things). This Coconut Saffron Ice Cream, a David Lebovitz adaptation, has been on my radar for quite some time and I just happened to have all of the ingredients on hand. Having only used saffron in rice dishes and, for the most part, only eaten coconut in some form of dessert, I was pretty intrigued by the juxtaposition of the two spectrum-spanning foods. Saffron, with its distinct taste and smell (and color), clearly takes center stage in this recipe, while coconut milk adds a sweet creamy balance. Together, this unusual combination, makes for a deliciously sophisticated flavor. Fair warning, this ice cream is not for everyone, but I do highly recommend it to those of you with more adventurous palates. It’s really quite good. Recipe below. xoxo!

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I deal with my issues and parse out my feelings by sharing them with the entire world, via the internet.
But seriously, this piece is close to my heart.

Everything is Problematic

I find that I can’t help falling in love with my best friends. It’s a kind of love that there doesn’t seem to be a word for, outside of the convenient and conventional bounds. Not quite romantic love, but also not familial. It is only with my closest friends, the ones I most deeply admire, that this occurs. It’s hard to explain, but I think it has always been that way. I don’t know if other people experience this same strange romanticism, or if maybe its some defection of my own that causes me to feel this love that defies definition. 

One of the closest facsimiles I’ve come across to this kind of love is in Elizabeth Bowen’s “The Jungle,” which explores the friendship of two teenage girls. Tessa Hadley, an author and literature professors, refers to the bond between the girls as a “passionate friendship.” Having no better descriptor…

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Roughly a year ago I started this blog to catalogue my summer of the unknown. At the time I was just finishing my first year from a college, fresh back from Massachusetts and a glorious three day trip to New York (where I fell in love). I was planning to transfer schools, though I was scared (and a little ashamed) of the prospect. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I knew I needed a job for the summer, but didn’t have one. The number of friends I had around was… few. I applied to be a Roadie for Invisible Children- an internship that I wasn’t ready for and didn’t really want but thought would give me direction.  I didn’t get it.

If you followed my journey you know that I got a summer job at Gap and transferred to the University of Nevada, Reno (with no intention of staying).

One year later and things are completely different and exactly the same (isn’t that always the way?)

I’ve been accepted to the University of Southern California for Critical Studies under the School of Cinematic Arts. I’ve been waiting and hoping for this for almost a year, and here I am deciding between a dream school and a university I never wanted to go to— UNR has grown on me. Or rather, Reno people have grown on me. I got very committed to the idea of playing house this next year, moving in with my friends Hillari and Hannah and having movie nights and family dinner and cooking all their favorite things. It’s turning out to be a hard idea to let go of.

I have returned home to Vegas once again. I haven’t been hired anywhere yet and so have been doing work for my father. I have high hopes for my prospects at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf opening by my house. Even if I’m not hired I suspect I will be spending a lot of time there anyway.

I’m co-writing a short film for a friend who will be making said film this summer. My writing drive was low in May, but I feel it slowly returning to me.
I have a new show idea, and I may just start writing me a pilot. It’s important to keep in practice.


I started re-watching Fringe Season 3, and I’ve been thinking about alternate selves. When I was in New York, sitting outside NYU feeling sorry for myself, I thought about the alternate Chelsee who went to NYU and who was probably already on her way home, or packing, or roaming the city one last time. If you buy into the idea of alternate universes (and usually I do), then for every choice you make there’s an alternate who made a different choice. So now I ask myself, if there are infinite Chelsee’s heading off in their infinite directions, which Chelsee do I want to be and what do I leave to my alt-selves?